Brand new Part of your Kum & Kuma

Serbian wedding events was a keen embodiment out-of social customs and you will heritage, having been handed down to possess years. Considered a great Serbian relationship is actually a special possible opportunity to celebrate the fresh new state’s rich traditions and you can traditions, which happen to be integrated to your event’s overall credibility. This article will bring insight into how to package a memorable Serbian relationships because of the including key society, rituals, and musical one give this new occasion to life.

Life style

Serbian wedding events was a treasure-trove of adored heritage and traditions which have stood the exam of your time. From the live “kolo” dance on the significant spots out of “kum” and you can “kuma”, there are numerous areas of a great Serbian relationships that make it it really is unique. Why don’t we take a closer look from the some of the most prominent customs:


The couple faces brand new altar plus the priest keeps several crowns along the partners and prays in their eyes. Then your priest urban centers a crown on each of its heads. So it extreme is short for the relationship having Christ as well as the royalty off marriage.

The newest Kolo Moving

One of the highlights of a Serbian relationships ‘s the “kolo,” a splendid dancing did with family and friends that begins inside a group and in the end prospects into the a complex spiral. So it culture signifies unity, like, and you will celebration. Also, it is a guaranteed way of getting almost everyone away to the newest dancefloor. The beauty of this new kolo and is based on the magnetic pull, because it draws visitors when you look at the into electric current one enwraps the newest dancefloor. You’ll find that even travelers with never ever performed they prior to end up jumping for the.

New “kum,” greatest guy, and you can “kuma”, bridesmaids, are necessary figures in the marriage. It’s society for those opportunities to be satisfied by people who commonly regarding brand new bride to be or groom (usually close friends to your couples), and just who the happy couple aligns which have towards a spiritual height. New kum and you may kuma secure the newly weds through providing pointers during the wedding, that can end up being godparents on couple’s students. In the event that pair theoretically links this new knot, these people – and their family members because of the expansion – getting each other people’s “kumovi”.

Catching of Apple

It is society inside Serbian community for the bridegroom and his awesome relationship group to grab the new bride out of their family’s household ahead of and work out their answer to the newest chapel together. But before this happens, a floral arc is placed on the means to access the house or property where a fruit was associated with the best point. Very fathers of one’s bride-to-be makes this level a tiny burdensome for amusement aim, and you’ll understand why inside the the second. On arrival within his bride-to-be’s household, the fresh new bridegroom need dive to grab the newest fruit prior to he’s acceptance to get in. And you may depending on the peak of your own groom (and exactly how much the daddy wishes a show for his guests), there is certainly several leaps inside just before he or she is successful.

The fresh new Inform you of Bride-to-be

As stated a lot more than, it is vintage toward bride and groom to meet at bride’s domestic in place of at altar. A different sort of community many need to tend to be on the day ‘s the biggest tell you of your fiance. The newest “dever”, who is this new cousin or relative of your own groom, is required to discuss a cost with the sibling of your own bride to own their unique to get brought out. Yet not, the brand new bride-to-be always selections two to three away from their particular traffic (sometimes an aunt, sister or perhaps actually a male cousin when the she wants a good an effective make fun of) so you can decorate inside a wedding veil and you can wait regarding area along with her. From this point, this new dever gives the assented rates with the sibling who can after that discover the door on the first “false” bride. Since the each incorrect bride to be was demonstrated, the dever must pay right up for the doorway become launched once again. It’s as long as this new bride’s nearest and dearest consider the quantity worthy, the dever brings the actual bride to be together with bridegroom reaches put his vision to your their beautiful bride to be into very first time.

Within the reception, tourist take turns moving to your bride or groom and pinning currency on their gowns. That is an easy method having website visitors to demonstrate its assistance and you can boost the partners start their new existence to one another.


Food in addition to performs a primary part for the Serbian wedding parties. Brand new families of the new wedding couple usually usually servers day parties from the their homes due to their travelers in which elaborate platters out-of meat, mozzarella cheese and old-fashioned Serbian candy is supported before making their method into the ceremony. Through to arrival in the lobby, subscribers should expect mezze platters to begin with just before chief dinners such as for instance since the sarma, pork, cevapi or pita was brought out. Alongside the wedding cake, Serbian “kolace” is offered since dessert. These types of sweets are usually chew-measurements of and you may come into numerous types and alternatives.

Rakija, a classic Serbian brandy, try served throughout the day of celebrations and can sometimes hold specific benefits in order to who designed it. Your ilies wear a traditional wooden “buklija” which includes brand new rakija. That it brandy is actually of the higher-high quality that will be manufactured by a relative with the pair.


This new soulful audio away from Serbian musical is a part of all the relationship event, providing contentment and energy on the festivities. Old-fashioned Serbian tunes was described as the use of devices such as for instance since accordion, tamburica, and you can trumpet, and that is have a tendency to with spirited vocal and moving.

An excellent Serbian relationships try an event away from community, family relations, and you may community. By incorporating customs such as the kolo dancing, the latest kum, and you may old-fashioned Serbian food and songs, you may make a memorable enjoy one shows the cultural customs and you can remembers your specific love tale. Whether you’re regarding Serbian origin or maybe just take pleasure in new rich life style of Serbian culture, good Serbian matrimony will certainly be a festive and you may remarkable celebration.

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